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Delisa Elizabeth

This show is crazy, in a good way. I started watching Hell’s Kitchen a few years ago when I lived with my ex roommates. It was one of the many shows available on Hulu that I needed to obsess over. Hell’s Kitchen is about the world famous chef Gordon Ramsay; he puts young aspiring chefs through the worst terrible challenges known to man at his restaurant “Hell’s Kitchen” which obviously isn’t a real restaurant; it took me about 3 seasons to figure it out, shame on me. So with the aspiring chefs, Gordon Ramsay needs to see which aspiring chef has what it takes to run their own restaurant, the restaurant of their dreams. Sounds easy right? Not by a long shot.

I would love for Gordon Ramsay to be my father, could you imagine? Wake up calls at 5 AM as he makes you make him scallops for breakfast sweating right into the food because you’re scared out of your mind that they aren’t cooked right, him eating it, throwing the dish at the wall as he yells that the scallops are so salty from your sweat drenched forehead, him yelling profanity as he makes you clean up the mess with your mouth. Hey I never said it would be a run through the flowers with Ramsay as your father.

Now what I want to know is with all the seasons of this show, you would think the people prior to coming on Hell’s Kitchen would by now know how to make a damn risotto, why is it so complicated? I mean you take orange juice, gum, cigarette ashes, and babies’ tears and make risotto, right? Or was it two parts babies’ tears and two parts kitty litter? Listen this is what I was taught my days traveling to China on my dragon, I didn’t have time to remember the specifics.

I love how all the contestants think they are the best chefs ever; some think they are better than Gordon Ramsay; let me tell you something, no one in my opinion is better than Gordon Ramsay; he’s like the Michael Jordan of cooking. I would never go on his show and say I am the best chef around, make a penne alla vodka, use ketchup instead of vodka sauce, and be like, “suck on that.” I am the first damn person to go, he doesn’t tolerate such foolishness.

The best contestants are the ones that are so optimistic at the start of the show and than randomly start crying because they got caught putting cooked noodles in the trash, taking it out, trying to serve it to the customers, than get upset when chef Ramsay finds out; you’re a idiot, you knew you were going to get caught dumb dumb.



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