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Teen Wolf will be back on our screens soon (not soon enough, am I right?) and with the premiere date for Season 4 getting closer and closer, MTV have released another promo to tie us over until then.

Because we all love Dylan O'Brien.
Because we all love Dylan O'Brien.

This one is a little different from the initial "Can't go back" one that we've seen, and features some exciting footage from the upcoming season! Check it out.

Whaaaaat!? A little speculation here, slightly creepy old woman at the beginning wondering what "type of Alpha" Scott really is...hmmm, last time I checked, I believe we all thought he was a "True Alpha" - which according to Teen Wolf Wiki is a Wolf who becomes an Alpha through,

strength of character or force of will alone

Could it be that Scott isn't the True Alpha we thought he was? Is he something entirely different? A different calibre of True Alpha perhaps?

And can we all take a moment to collectively appreciate the brilliant Peter Hale and his frustration that people in the town won't "stay dead"? Erm, pot calling the kettle black there, love. You didn't stay dead (thank god!), why would anyone else?

The lovely Peter Hale
The lovely Peter Hale

In any case, this new promo promises great things for Season 4, and with the return of Kate Argent - now a Werejaguar- and a number of mysterious new villains, it's clear that Teen Wolf season 4 is gearing up to be the best season yet!

Check out this recently released vid, if you haven't already seen it, of the cast's thoughts on Season 4 and how it differs/share's similarities with previous seasons!

Teen Wolf Season 4 returns June 23rd! Don't miss it!


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