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Nicolas Carmona

Ever since I heard about this movie, probably last year, my anticipation and interest has been very high. Recently director, Pete Docter, spoke about this movie and talk a little about the brief synopsis that it was given and how it played on a bigger scale for the audience and personally for him.

I thought I was making a film about my daughter, but the truth is, I’m more making a film about myself in relation to my daughter and understanding that. The film is told from a parent’s point of view, and being a parent, I just sort of slipped into that, I guess. It’s definitely made me think again about the way I grew up, my adolescence, and even on a day-to-day basis what I’m doing and why.

The first thing that came to mind after reading this is that, like most Pixar movies, this is a film that will please both children and adults a like; it combines a vast group of themes and mixes in a very interesting story telling format as well as very scientific approach makes this a different Pixar film from what we have seen before. The approach is the most interesting, seeing a girl dealing with a change in environment but not much on her external point of view but having a close up look on how the emotions inside her interact and impact how she lives, there is no one sole main character, the interaction among all the emotions and the setting are what will drive the movie; also from what I read, the first five minutes will be very emotional, not surprised given that this is the same director that brought us to tears with the opening scene of UP.

Inside Out doesn’t come out until June 19th, 2015 and I really hope we get just a teaser soon, given that this year we will be out of our yearly Pixar dose.


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