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Nicolas Carmona

I almost pissed my pants through the whole movie.

**Will Contain Spoilers**

The guys from jump street return on a case that is exactly the same as the first one, except that it’s not. I don’t think I can think of something I didn’t like about this movie, maybe the little over the top action but that was just in good fun other than that I will tell you all the good things this movie had.

Beginning with the leads, again I am not a big fan of Tatum but his job in comedic roles is great and hsi chemistry with Hill makes this duo one of the most enjoyable ones to watch. Not only their characters sort of…evolve through the movie but you can see how much fun the actors had while filming this movie and that just translates into fun for the audience. Ice cube has a bigger role in this movie and he was hilarious in it, I won’t spoil much I try to keep my review very spoiler free, but you will know that what happens with him and Jonah’s Schmit character fuels some of the funniest moments in the movie, mainly (possibly the funniest) when Jenko finds out.

Another thing I really liked were the puns, there are so many puns or references to many things in this movie I don’t think I might have caught all of them especially when the whole theater is laughing hysterically, but that is okay, this is a movie I will watch a lot of times. On the same note, the movie doesn’t forget that it’s a sequel and they are not generally better than the original, pullin subtle jokes such as just because you double the budget doesn’t mean you get double the profit (a believe some project/studios have when it comes to sequels) and others a like make for great moments; the thing is that the sequel ended up being better than the first one so kudos to them! The Lord and Miller keep putting really good material.

Since I am talking about sequels, this movie is so funny you will laugh through the end credits, where they make a joke of the series (one that I hope continues) having posters and small details on the “possible” sequels they will experience from international students to beauty school; some of these only have a poster other’s have small clips but they are all to die for. Lastly don’t leave because there is a post-credit scene, a very funny one.

All in all 22 Jump Street brought everything we loved from the first one and gave it steroids, I kid you not I laughed through the whole movie, my stomach was in pain and I almost pissed myself, it has been a while a movie did this to me and for this 22 Jump Street, to me, deserves to be on par with Zoolander as my favorite comedy of all time, hopefully with rewatches it will maintain that status, so I will give it a 9/10.


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