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Wonder Woman is sensational, amazing, and awesome. Soon, she may get the stand-alone movie we are all waiting for.

At a Time Warner annual meeting, one of the attendees commented about the fact that there are no female superhero movies from the company, to which CEO Kevin Tsujihara responded with:

I agree with you we haven't done as well as we potentially could do on the theatrical side.

Also added was:

We have something we're not ready to announce. --Kevin Tsujihara
Cliff Chiang
Cliff Chiang

We think his statements hint at a Wonder Woman movie because he addresses the lack of super-heroines and says they have a secret project. Gal Gadot has also been said to have signed a three-picture deal. It definitely sends more sparks flying, especially after the rumor of this movie line-up by Nikki Finke:

  • Summer 2013 - Man of Steel
  • Early Summer 2016 - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Mid-Summer 2016 - Shazam
  • Late 2016 - Sandman
  • Early Summer 2017 - Justice League

  • Mid-Summer 2017 - [Wonder Woman](movie:45787)

  • Late 2017 - The Flash/Green Lantern
  • Early Summer 2018 - Man of Steel 2 (Stand-alone)

What may be announced is:

'Wonder Woman' coming to theaters July 20, 2017! Starring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince, this film will be directed by ______________ and written by ____________.

The blanks above are probably the reason it has not been announced yet, since without a team, the movie cannot happen.

We shouldn't hate Kevin Tsujihara; we should thank him. Ever since he became CEO, it seems as if the DC Cinematic Universe has been expanding rapidly. If anything has not been announced, it is either going to be announced (see above) or is being considered.

Kevin Tsujihara and Zack Snyder
Kevin Tsujihara and Zack Snyder

A complaint that has arisen is that [Shazam](movie:738107) will come before the anticipated 'Wonder Woman' movie. None of it is final, but if that were to happen, it would not be the end of the world.


Another complaint is that the Amazonian would appear two times in cinemas during 2017. I would actually be fine with that, as Gal Gadot is not super busy (which may have been a point of her casting) and she will learn more about her character and have time to get in shape this year. Don't worry, the workers at Warner Brothers have seen something in Gal Gadot that we haven't seen. In her audition she read out of the script, so she must be really special.

Official news is likely to come out next month, as San Diego Comic-Con is almost here! With the beginning of filming important scenes, it won't be long before a photo of Gal Gadot in her costume!

(Source: Mirror Online)


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