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Wow, has it been a long time since I've made a review! So sorry to anyone who's noticed. Haven't been to see many movies lately. But, the other day I had to go see the long awaited film, The Fault in Our Stars.

My my, there are many things to say about The Fault in Our Stars, (known by the bigger fans as "tfios") but there are only about three words to describe the entire experience:

Awesome. Heartbreaking. Possibly the best work of realistic fiction to have ever been created.

I said about.

I'm sure most of you know at least the general idea; two kids with cancer (who are both annoying philosophical but in the best kind of way) exchange witty banter as a form of affection from the start, and not surprisingly, they fall in love. I am eternally grateful, and was frankly blown away by Ansel Elgort, and the lovely, lovely Shailene Woodley for both doing such a wonderful job at bringing one of my favorite books to life so vividly.

Okay, so I happen to be one of those bigger fans of the adaption that I mentioned earlier. In fact, many of my friends are in the same boat as me on that one; when asked what her opinion on the movie was, one of my fellow avid fans replied that she thought it was "really good", and aside from the fact that a few parts were left out from the book by John Green, "it is an amazing movie filled with plenty of laughs, as well as tears." And the only other person I've talked to about the movie was sobbing through it right beside me in the movie theater, so I guess that comment reigns true!

Of course, there were parts from the book that didn't make it into the movie, (like how no one mentioned Philip, which is the name of Hazel's bedside oxygen tank) but there were so many parts that were just spot on from the book that I didn't have the heart to be mad. Besides, if they were going to fit everything from the book into the movie, it would've ended up being 17 hours long, and I'm not sure that's completely legal. Plus, my bladder might explode if I had to sit in a theater that long without a bathroom break. And everyone here knows I wouldn't be able to tear my eyes off the screen for even a second, let alone walk out of the theater.

And just by the way, Natt Wolf did the most amazing job playing Isaac, capturing his attitude toward his disability wonderfully. Honestly, what makes this movie so great is the chemistry the actors in it seem to have, the way they work together and form this energy that makes you feel the characters in the way they move, the tone of their voices as they talk. It's just. . .fantastic.

Dear fans of the book and the movie, should I be ashamed that during the particularly horrible parts, (you know which ones I'm talking about) I was literally throwing popcorn at the movie screen, not-so-quietly cursing the author and whatever gave him the idea to create these characters in the first place? Nah, I don't think so.

Look, all I can really say is that this movie is a work of art, and I think everyone should have the chance to experience it, whether they've read the book or not. (Though, really, read the book first because it makes the experience so much better.) This is one of the only book-to-movie adaptions I don't have a million complaints about, and would unhesitatingly go see again in the theaters, and that is saying something. If you've already seen the movie, please comment your opinions, likes and dislikes, anything you feel like. While you're at it, let me know what movies you've seen recently, and if you liked them.

Okay? Okay.

-Alyssa C.


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