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DC fans, we may have the character Aquaman in tow!

Aquaman! Aquaman! Aquaman!

After rumors and avoided answers to questions last year, Jason Momoa was the name that kept being linked to Aquaman. Although it hasn't been announced officially by Warner Bros. , it's being said "unofficially" by Hitfix that Momoa is locked in for the part.

And according to Hitfix, stop pestering Jason Momoa!

"...don't keep asking Momoa about the rumor. It's driving him crazy, and he's got to be sworn to secrecy. But rest assured that when "Dawn Of Justice" arrives in theaters in 2016, we're going to see the king of Atlantis onscreen, and Vinnie Chase will have nothing to do with it at all."

Ok. Ok. We'll do our best to leave him alone. Scout's honor, but no promises!


Jason Momoa as the King of Atlantis?


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