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Anyone who knows me knows I hate when Hollywood tries to sequel a movie just to make a quick buck. This is the EXTREME OPPOSITE of what 22 Jump Street does. It takes what you thought you were going to see and makes fun of you for even thinking that!

At the start of the film you immediately notice the connection Tatum and Hill have on screen. Their bro-mantic personas are present through the entire movie and it continues to make you smile from beginning to end.

22 Jump Street
22 Jump Street

The writers of this picture know their characters exceptionally well, as do the actors. The plotline carries this film smoothly along with no real slow parts, BUT the one liners and wordplay are what really make this flick soar. (and burst through the roof ;P)

This movie has everything you’d ask for in a hit comedy sequel: Great actors, plot, & hilarious jokes/winks to the audience. The actors are so real to the roles they are playing and the writing allows for constant laughter from start to finish.

22 Jump Street
22 Jump Street

I’m usually the toughest critic when it comes to modern day movies, but 22 Jump Street will go down in my top 10 movies of all time. It’s been ages since something has made me honestly laugh so hard and for me it’s the perfect movie. 10/10


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