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It's been 30 years since the literature classic 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' sculpted by the innovative mind of George Orwell became a great film for the politically paranoid to enjoy comfortably in their seats (Yes, it was ironically released in 1984). Orwell, with this dystopian novel was considered as some sort of modern day soothsayer, and funnily enough predicted helicopters, surveillance such as CTV cameras, webcams and the controlling influence of mass media. Oh and without it we would have no 'Room 101' on tv....

The film's somewhat odd protagonist, the everyman Winston Smith (played by the young John Hurt), is trapped in a changed totalitarian British governement where no one can hide or neither think in the fear of being eradicated. A highly poignant and thought-provoking film, it also contains a tragic and forbidden romance that is tucked away into the corner of some dilapidated room, constantly under fire from far-away rockets and scoured by patrolling helicopters.

One question that comes into mind (hopefully the Thought Police won't track me down) is when will we might be able to see a reboot of such a iconic film. Firstly, rights from Orwell's estate would be needed and whoever takes this monumental task would have to consider if this is a Hollywood blockbuster or again another low-budget British film. If done properly (with rumours that Ron Howard of 'Willow' and other critically acclaimed work would have a go at a remake), America and the rest of the world have grown fond towards contextually British films such as the Bond series and 'Harry Potter' franchises.

To achieve a larger demographic it would need a very tactical marketing scheme and that more money invested would be incredibly vital to create a dystopian Airstrip One that is ravaged by war, poverty and the omnipotent presence of 'Big Brother'. However what I'm personally worried about is an upcoming film which will begin shooting later this year called 'Equals' an updated version of the 1956 film 1984. The 1956 film was based on the book but steered off onto a different plot and characters. 'Equals' is far more of a romance centered movie directed by Drake Doremus. The factor that gives me goosebumps is......

It will starring Kristen Stewart.

It may prove to be a convicting and devasting story about love in the province of Oceania, but it would most likely lack a rigid, structured plot and would not be a true remake of the critically accalaimed film which is what the audience wants.

Plus, it is Kristen Stewart.....

I do not judge. And I wish she would prove "emotive" in this upcoming film yet it is not one I would be excited for. Her partner though is Nicholas Hoult from X-Men: Days of Future Past, which does tickle my film-buds. In that case I will keep dreaming and I hope others will. Do you anticipate for a possible remake to a compelling and intellectual story?

And now surviving the horror of 'Twilight', the cast will need to find new roles of course, with Robert Pattinson rumoured to be the next Indiana Jones or Han Solo?!?! He must really adore and aspire to be Harrison Ford.

Well she definitely could be one of the proles.....
Well she definitely could be one of the proles.....

What would you want? (With the rest being out into Room 101)


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