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Sadly, if the Marvel Cinematic Universe want to continue making movies, Robert Downey Jr. may want to seek pastures new, especially after no confirmation on whether he will play Iron Man in the fourth Iron Man installement, it will be a sad moment when he leaves the franchise, but who to replace him?

When considering who might assume the role, we have to consider where Robert Downey Jr. was at in his career. He was a recovering drug addict trying to reemerge in Hollywood. After a couple of failed attempts at the box office, 2008's Iron Man served as a true comeback, and sealed his fate as a major player in show business. Will Marvel go after someone needing a similar boost? Or will they go after a newcomer who has yet to break it big? So here are the contestants:

Timothy Olyphant (Aged 46)

Timothy Olyphant is in no need for a comeback, but he has never made his mark on the big screen quite the way he has on television. After several supporting roles in various movies of the early 2000s, the actor proved himself as a major presence playing the sheriff of Deadwood. A few years later, he took that same swagger to the role of Raylan Givens on Justified, which has grown beyond its cult audience to become a cultural hit. Timothy Olyphant is able to bring the right amount of love-ability to a role, while still being a smarmy bastard when he needs to be. And he has the right look. And he's loved by pretty much every man and woman on the planet.

Leonardo DiCaprio (Aged 39)

He looks the most like Tony Stark out of our current crop of high profile actors who might be considered for the role. While Leonardo DiCaprio is in no need of a hit movie or a comeback, the actor has yet to play a superhero, or become part of the Disney family, which most of his peers have. If he wanted to take part in the genre, there wouldn't be a better role for him. This franchise is his for the taking, but as someone who actively seeks out challenging and artistic films, he might find the role of a playboy billionaire who plays with robots beneath him. Iron Man wants and needs someone like Leonardo DiCaprio, but is the role below his pay grade at this point?

Jon Hamm (Aged 43)

Like Timothy Olyphant, Jon Hamm has made a name for himself on TV, starring in the hit drama Mad Men, but he's never taken that Don Drapper swagger to the big screen. The role of Iron Man would serve to bring his gentlemanly demeanor and arrogant attitude to a wider demographic. With slicked back hair and a pencil thin mustache, he would serve to bring a more retro quality to the character. He also looks good swinging a glass of Scotch at his side, and might be one of the few actors able to pull off the alcoholism aspects of Tony Stark in an intelligent, humorous manner that won't weight the character down and scare him away from kids. He has a dad-like quality that will serve the character well. Though, he might be a little too sexy for the role of Iron Man. That could turn fanboys away.

Colin Farrell (Aged 38)

Colin Farrell probably has the most in common with Robert Downey Jr. He's no stranger to substance abuse, and has been struggling to make it in Hollywood for years. Despite headlining quite a few mainstream movies, he's never had the hit his talent promises, nor has he exactly become a household name. He needs a big movie like Iron Man at this point in his career, and he's just the right age. He's done his best work in quirky independent crime comedies, and the character of Tony Stark is capable of bringing those same attributes into a superhero movie. Colin Farrell might be an unconventional choice, but Marvel's choices seem to be unconventional most of the time. He'd have to lose his Irish brogue, which is never fun, but the man can pull off a mean mustache, and he's good with a quick quip. He also knows how to rock cocky yet lovable, which is probably the main attribute a casting director will look for when trying to fill the shoes of Tony Stark.

Norman Reedus (Aged 45)

This is Marvel thinking way outside the box. Norman Reedus had a large cult following with the film Boondock Saints before becoming everyone's favorite zombie slayer on The Walking Dead. He is beloved by millions of fan-boys, as well as moms and kids alike. Taking on Iron Man might push him to the next level. Though, the actor hasn't proven he can do comedy just yet. That might be okay. Maybe we want someone who brings a slightly different take to the character than Robert Downey Jr. Maybe this Tony Stark is a little more serious. A little less assured of himself. He is more flawed. Norman Reedus has the ability to play to the strengths of the character, while also bringing in certain elements that would stand him apart from the crowd. People are ready to see him take on a bigger role.

What to do you think, will Robert Downey Jr. Be replaced sooner rather than later? Who will replace him, comment below let me know!


Who do you think would pull off a great Tony Stark after Robert Downey Jr?


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