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Alamin Saleh

1. A Whole New World. Moving the flashbacks to Hong Kong could be an amazing change. The Island was visually different world, which was the initial draw to the setting. What became the most interesting part was all of the new characters and the secrets we learned through the flashbacks. Now moving the flashback side of things to Hong Kong will allow for new characters and secrets. We get to learn more about Oliver and move on from Slade and Shado to meet new people. Plus hopefully more Cynthia Addai-Robinson as Amanda Waller because she is great!

2. Its Felicity’s Turn. The whole show is about Oliver. This year dealt with Laurel and Sara a lot with the focus and introduction of Black Canary. We learned about Diggle through the flashback episode to Afghanistan and his connection to A.R.G.U.S. So this time should be for Felicity. Today character descriptions were released, one of them being “Daniel”. Daniel is described as a business man who becomes a tech based hero, so whether it is Ted Kord (Blue Beetle) or not he is a love interest for Felicity. Felicity’s computer skills will push her into his world and hopefully giving her a story line of her own will allow us to learn more about her. FINALLY!

3. Laurel is in on The Secret Now. Some fans of the show have grown to dislike Laurel and want the character off the show. I think the character is simply just disconnected from what fans are interested in. The action and hero stuff is what people watch the show for, so having Laurel consistently moving us away from that could be irritating. When she learned Oliver’s secret and began to participate in the hero part of the show Laurel became more interesting. Plus that sometimes grating arc about her downward spiral was painful enough to make her rise to hero believable. I do not want to start Season 3 with Laurel fighting on Sara’s level, but hopefully we start with her beginning her journey to being Black Canary.

4. Thea Finally Can Get in on The Action. The show has moved passed the core characters not being in on the action. Thea is the last character to not know about Team Arrow and going off with Malcolm will allow for her to no longer to leave on the outside of all the fun. Working above Team Arrow’s base of operations got old fairly quickly and this new development gives her new opportunities. I am not an advocate for either her joining Team Arrow or being some bad guy, just in on the action. Being in the lives of all of these characters and being able to throw a punch, to save herself, if need be. Either way her being involved can only benefit the show.

5. Arrow’s New Chapter. The creators of the show have said the Season 2 finale felt like the end a 46 episode season. This means when we start in the fall a new saga begins. It's really a whole new world for the show runners to play with and I am excited to see what happens next.

What are you the most excited for Season 3?


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