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rickey russell

The early SOV anthology, “Horrorama”, near impossible to find, the film was never officially released on DVD, is getting a VERY limited edition 25th Anniversary 100 unit release via 8 Arms Films. Pre-Sales start today, and the release includes New Special features which include a 30 min Interview with Scarlet Fry, A new 25th Anniversary Trailer & A New Scarlet Fry Theme song Music track, It will be released on DVD-R & signed upon Request.

Those seeking early examples in the shot on video field should definitely pick it up, though the film is only about 30 mins long you can see the roots of Scarlet’s career as well as a good example of where this sub-genre of film-making was headed in the years to follow - Remember We also added a 30 min Interview with Scarlet Fry.

This was among the first SOV ever made! Swing on by [email protected] today to lock your copy down (ships in 1-2 weeks). Price is $15.00 or $20 Signed this includes shipping.


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