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Scream Factory once again reminds me of a movie I somehow missed when it originally came out in 1999. Never the less, fifteen years later I've finally caught up with the underrated cannibal cult classic "Ravenous" thanks to a new high-definition transfer. All but ignored upon its initial theatrical run, this effective little horror thriller deserves to be seen by all genre fans.

After being released from active duty in the military, Captain John Boyd (Guy Pearce) is stationed at an out-of-the-way outpost in the Sierra Nevada wilderness. In the cold of winter, he and his fellow officers find a wanderer (Robert Carlyle) who tells a disturbing tale of his struggle to survive the grips of a cannibalistic traveler. He leads a rescue team to save the last remaining survivor of the slaughter. What will they find when they arrive?

Although it's been given a hi-def overhaul for Blu-ray, "Ravenous" still holds on to its "real" film flavor. The picture is clean and clear, but there's the beautiful grain texture to it you expect from movies made before the mid-2000s. The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround sound puts viewers in the middle of the action and mayhem.

"Ravenous" is rated R for considerable gore, strong violence, language, and brief nudity. Besides the cannibalism, there's also a disturbing scene containing a broken bone sticking out of a soldier's leg. We get a nice quick glance at Robert Carlyle's skinny hind-end as well.

Scream Factory packs the Blu-ray edition of "Ravenous" full of bonus material. Commentary is featured by Director Antonia Bird, Composer Damon Albarn, Screenwriter Ted Griffin, and Actors Jeffrey Jones and Robert Carlyle. Antonia Bird provides commentary for deleted scenes as well. A theatrical trailer and TV spots are included. Two still galleries and costume and production design information round out the special features.

Director Antonia Bird and Writer Ted Griffin fill "Ravenous" with all sorts of surprises, gory thrills, and sheer lunacy thanks to a great performance by Robert Carlyle. Here's the perfect example of a movie where, even though it's been out for over a decade, no one wants to spoil its shocking revelations. Paired with a very bizarre musical score, it makes for a cinematic experience no horror enthusiast will want to miss.

"Ravenous" is available now on Blu-ray.

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