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So I've done a lot of thinking and I just wanted to throw some ideas out there for some television shows that I thought may be cool. Although there's not a huge backstory for any of these characters I see these going the way Bates Motel did; an elaboration on the backstory of these characters. Now here are the plot summaries I have thought of including some characters and titles of the show.

Camp Crystal Lake

A young boy, Jason Voorhees is sent to camp by his mother, Pamela. Jason begins to get picked on because of his deformity so Pamela decides to come work for the camp to protect him. Staff members begin to realize that Pamela is a little off and acts a bit crazy towards her sons protection. Things start to get bad as people start disappearing.


  • Jason Voorhees
  • Pamela Voorhees
  • Camp Staff
  • Police Officer
  • Campers
  • Bullies


A troubled young teenager, Michael Myers lives at home with his mom, her boyfriend and his two sisters. Life at home isn't the best for Michael as his mom works as a stripper, his step dad is an abusive drunk and his older sister Judith is delinquent who does what she wants. Michael can't take it anymore as he begins to hunt down the people who have affected him the most. (Although in the movies he only kills on Halloween night, in the series he would do it on other days). This would be based on the Rob Zombie films.


  • Michael Myers
  • Deborah Myers
  • Judith Myers
  • Sam Loomis
  • Sheriff

Elm Street

An older man, Freddy Kruger works as a gardner for a local elementary school. Parents start to notice that he has been seeing the children in private. Bruises and cuts are seen on the kids as they begin to act weird. So the parents around the neighborhood chase down Freddy and burn him alive. Years later new kids of the neighborhood are being stalked and murdered in their dreams by a mysterious man known as Freddy. Things happen that are unexplained and the parents try and keep things quiet as they know the whole story.


  • Freddy Kruger
  • Kids of Elm Street
  • Parents of Elm Street
  • Sheriff

Do you think these characters could make interesting TV Shows?


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