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That's right bromigos The Goats return and are coming to the big screen! With the cast set to return as their original characters, they are on a mission to finish this right since it got cut short. Think about it...We never saw Thad get drafted to the NFL. We never saw Alex complete college and see if he would go to the NFL. And last but not least, what about Sammy? Does he continue to be a mascot and go big in the NFL or stick with Alex as his partner in crime? Many questions to be answered, possibly with a little BMS touch?

In April of this year, the cast decided to raise the money for the film. With the help of the site Kickstarter the goal was met. With a goal of reaching $1.5 million by May 15, they released official merchandise and had other prizes if you donated money to the cause. On May 15th the final count of the funds was...$1,911,827. So with that total it was officially announced that there will be a BMS film. Filming is set to begin in August of this year, also Jay Chandrasekhar the director of the cult classic film Super Troopers will be directing the Blue Mountain State movie. Many of the fans are happy that their favorite, horny, beer loving, football players are coming back to entertain us more even thought we can get the BMS humor anytime on Netfilx or the internet. One last question remains long will we wait? There is only one answer and I would like to quote Coach Daniels..."We come from our father's balls!" Us the fans of BMS come from our fathers balls and we will wait.

Are you excited for the film? Anything you would like to add? A memorable quote, favorite scene or episode? Comment below!


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