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Not surprisingly, Hulk won the first "Battles of the Ages" in the power duel of the century. This time around it's the heroes with the powers of the gods fighting it out for supremacy! Both Thor and Wonder Woman are widely popular and are both considered amazing fighters and some of the most dangerous heroes in their universes. As always, I will give you the scenario the battle happens in, the abilities of each character, and the notable achievements of each character. I will also be adding in their weaknesses this time around. Stay tuned for the next "Battle of the Ages" which will be coming out on June 18.


Thor gets transported into the DC universe and crashes into Themyscira. Wonder Woman was sparring while this happened so she has all her gear on her. She flies over to see what happened and she sees Thor. She goes towards Thor, trying to go and warn him to get off Themyscira, but she does this with her sword out as she believes this might be a villain. Thor sees the sword out and takes it as a sign of attack and proceeds to attack Wonder Woman. The fight leads to an isolated plot of land where they finish the fight.



  • super strength (strongest asgardian physically)
  • highly resistant (nearly invincible, also resistant to magic)
  • keen senses (can track objects moving at speeds faster than light, can deflect bullets with his hammer)
  • high stamina (has battled the frost giant army for months without tiring)
  • Regeneration (can regenerate wounds and even organs with the help of magical forces)
  • Can summon the elements of the storm (lightning, rain, wind, and snow)
  • Expert at hand to hand and weapon combat
  • speed (can travel supersonic speeds on earth and faster than light in space)
  • wields the hammer Mjolnir
  • If pushed to the extreme capable of using warriors madness (will temporarily boost his strength and stamina tenfold but will make him attack like the Hulk)

Notable Achievements:

  • Lifted the Midguard serpent which was said to be as heavy or half as heavy as the Earth itself
  • Survived being crushed by the weight of 20 planets


  • A lot weaker without his hammer (cannot control elements as well, loses his greatest weapon)
  • warriors madness (although enhancing his strength and stamina this decreases his skills in attacking his opponents

Wonder Woman:


  • strength is drawn from Gaea (this makes her one the strongest heroes in the DC universe)
  • Healing (as long as she stays connected to the planet she can heal at an accelerated rate)
  • Intelligence (the intelligence and military knowledge of Athena)
  • the senses of Artemis (superhuman senses including telescopic vision and superhuman hearing)
  • Speed (can travel at up to half the speed of light)
  • Highly resistant to injury
  • wields the indestructible lasso of truth and indestructible bracelets
  • Expert hand to hand combatant (batman once called her the greatest melee fighter in the world)

Notable Achievements:

  • has taken thunderbolts from Zeus with no serious injury
  • Has held her own against Superman


  • Will never stop fighting until the fight is over (this is Batman's contingency plan against her)
  • vunerable to sharp objects (has to use her bracelets to defend against them)


So who would win: Wonder Woman or Thor?

Let the comments rage below!


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