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For part 3 of my 'Battle of the remakes' series, I am going to be reviewing both the 1980 and 2009 versions of the horror classic 'Friday the 13th', and seeing which one reigns supreme. For part 2 (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) click here, and for part 1 (Halloween) click here.

As the 2009 version is not classed as a remake but as a reboot, I am not going to compare specific scenes, but the whole movie in general and naming which one I personally prefer.

I am going to split the review into 5 different sections: Characters, Acting, Special Effects / Costumes, Originality and General Overview.


So in both movies we have a group of about 6-8 friends, all going for a camping trip at Crystal Lake (yadda yadda yadda). In both films we have variations of characters and personalities, which I would class as a good thing, in order to mix things up a little and create either positive or negative chemistry between characters!

In the original we have lots of fairly innocent seeming characters, and they all come across like normal kids who just want to have a good time. In the remake however, we have the most unoriginal cliche group of teenagers ever put to film. There's the douche bag, the black guy, the Asian, the cute guy, the obvious (or so we think) final girl, the try hard, and the girl that sleeps around.

I think the above photo explains itself pretty well, the original had the better set of characters, and wins this round with ease!

Original: 1 Reboot: 0


Although the remake did have all the characters you could ever expect to see in your bog standard slasher flick, it did have pretty decent acting. In my opinion, Derek Mears was born to play the role of Mr Voorhees, and he did an excellent job portraying the character. One complaint I did have to start off with is that we saw Jason sprinting full speed towards a couple, but in hind sight I guess it was actually pretty awesome. Classic Jason did jog in parts 2 - 4 of the original story line, and only walked afterwards because he was basically a zombie.

Although I could say that the acting in the reboot was marginally better than it was in the original, we have to remember that the 80's film was made for 80's audiences, and it does still hold up pretty well by today's standards. I'm going to say that it's a tie for acting skill, and give one point to each film.

Original: 2 Reboot: 1

Special Effects / Costumes

To me, the special effects and costumes are always the best parts of a movie, and if done well can look really incredible. The effects from the original movie are obviously pretty dated now, and we can even argue that we can see the liquid latex on the girls face in the top photo. However, these were cutting edge effects (pun intended) back in 1980 and should be praised for that.

The remake had some great kill scenes too, which I'm sure the majority of us would instantly class as CGI. The majority of us would be wrong! Most of the blood and effects in this movie were all practical, as shown in the videos below.

So, even though the kill scenes in the original may almost be seen as humorous by today's audiences, they were great back in the day. Due to the fact that the reboot chose to use a lot of classic effects instead of the easy Cgi option, I'm going to give one point to each movie.

Original: 3 Reboot: 2


Now you may think "hold on a second, why is this even a section? Clearly the original will win for originality!" Ahh, but not in this case. Although I am rather against remakes, I don't get as upset about reboots - because lets be honest it's a totally different thing. Although the 1980 movie did have an original concept with the whole Mrs Voorhees thing, I find that the 2009 version was actually more, well, original.

2009's Friday the 13th had a whole different story line to anything we'd seen before, with Jason kidnapping the sister of one of the main characters, because he thought it was his mother. Apart from the characters, there was nothing cliche about this movie or the kills in it, which is why it wins this round. Let's be honest here, the original Friday the 13th could be considered to be following in the footsteps of Halloween? (1978)

Original: 3 Reboot: 3

General Overview

The original was a slow start, and took a while to get into the action - although saying this, we never actually got to see who the killer was until the very end. With the reboot we got instant action, and a lot of violence in the first 10 - 15 minutes of the movie, yay!

The acting was great in both films, and although the original is now dated it is still certainly watchable. I do personally find the 2009 version to be a lot more entertaining, but that is generally the way it is with movies of that era.

The original does set the scene for the next TEN films in the series, whereas the reboot was more a mix of the original 4 movies. The reboot was more brutal and gory, but not too gory and was definitely a fun watch, having twists and killing off characters that you never would of originally expected.

The reboot gave us a tougher, meaner villain, more action and had a better story line than just having a bunch of teens are killed off in a forest. It also offered more interesting plot twists and showed us how Jason traveled around the camp so quickly, (as I was led to believe that he must have had some kind of teleportation device in the original franchise). Although I do respect the original for being the classic slasher flick that it is, I do honestly find the reboot to be more entertaining, and suited to modern day audiences. Therefore, this round goes to the 2009 reboot.

Original: 3 Reboot: 4

So by one point, the reboot wins. Do you agree with me, or are you totally outraged? Tell me (nicely) in the comments below!


Are you a fan of the original, or do you prefer the reboot more?


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