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Recently Tyron Woodley, was on the 'Great MMA Debate Podcast' and he discussed many things from UFC, and his upcoming potential acting projects. And he mentioned he had a couple of things in the works.

"I had a couple of projects that I wasn't going to be able to do because they were going into this training camp, but the good thing about movies sometimes the budget's sometimes off and they have to reschedule things so there's three big projects that I'll get to work on directly after this fight,"
"I've got a Marvel and a DC project I should be able to jump on and continue my career there as well."
"Man of Steel 2 (title is now 'Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice), I've got some calls about doing that so I would love to take advantage of that if the timeframe works out. There's another movie called Ant-Man that's coming out and I might be able to get some work on that as well," Woodley revealed. "I'd like to do both and I think I'll be able to."
'Ant-Man' In Theaters On July 17, 2015.
'Ant-Man' In Theaters On July 17, 2015.

Keep in mind take this with a grain of salt, I want to believe he does have involvement with 'Dawn of Justice' and 'Ant-Man'. But you never know until Warner.Bros confirms it and or Disney.

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