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HORRORMOVIESANDSTUFF chatted recently with filmmaker Declan O'Brien. Who previously directed "Wrong Turn" sequels 3 (Left For Dead), 4 (Bloody Beginnings), and 5 (Bloodlines). And most recently...his first "Joy Ride" sequel, "Road Kill". Which is set to street this Tuesday June 17th. During the Interview, the filmmaker revealed that his next project, will be a step away from the Slasher Genre. And a step into the Paranormal! He tells HM&S, his post "Joy Ride 3" plans include....

"I'm developing a horror film that is in more a range of supernatural thriller and look forward to exploring that territory."

It'll be interesting to see what Declan comes up with in his new genre venture. The Paranormal sub-genre is hot right now with new sequels to "Insidious" and "The Conjuring" on the way. As well as another "Paranormal Activity" sequel due for release this October. You can read our full Interview with Declan Here!



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