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With this Mario Bava-directed video nasty, Whitehouse and crew were banning a classic under the guise of morality, when in reality they simply weren't intelligent enough to grasp what they were watching. Classy.

  • A Bay of Blood (1971)

AKA: Bloodbath, Twitch of the Death Nerve

Dir: Mario Bava

This classic from Italian maestro Mario Bava is the clear inspiration for the slasher film as we know it, in all the best possible ways. When an heiress is murdered, her family scrambles over one another to ensure that they are the last living relative to inherit the estate. The family in-fighting is made even more complicated when a band of roving teenagers arrive on the property for a good time and begin dying instead. You can almost feel the spirit of Jason Vorhees lingering in the trees.

That could even be his handiwork!
That could even be his handiwork!

Bava had an eye for gore and death unlike anyone who had come before, and in someways, after him, so it's no wonder he found himself on the video nasty list. However, the violence in all of his films, A Bay of Blood specifically, was so elegant and visceral, that it deserves accolades and not censorship. Italian horror may not be for everyone, but if you're interested in seeing the film that inspired our slasher culture, check out A Bay of Blood.

Best Kill: This one!!

Look familiar?
Look familiar?

Video Nasty Rating: 5 Finger-Wagging Politicians out of 5

Next Up: Herschell Gordon Lewis's Blood Feast... I've seen this one, and while it's gross, it's also ridiculous. So, yay.

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