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I'd like to take a look at just what Google has to say about Whovians. As we all know, Google guesses what we are looking for, while we are typing. So what happens if we write "Whovian" followed by each letter of the alphabet? We get some very interesting guesses, which are quite revealing about Whovianism and what it means to be a Whovian. So what are we waiting for? Let's push those Tardis doors wide open and stride out confidently into the Googlesphere!

Art, Alphabet and Apparel

These are Google's three guesses when we type "Whovian a" and pause dramatically over our keyboards. When it comes to photography, design, drawing and writing, many Whovians obviously have artistic talents. As for the alphabet, either "A" is for Angel and "Z" for Zarbi or we are talking about the Gallifreyan alphabet with its curly-wurly Time Lord symbols. Finally whether it is a t-shirt with a Tardis, a dressing gown with a Dalek or examples of cosplay creativity, it all goes to show that we Whovians aren't adverse to a little dressing up.

Birthday, Birthday Wishes and Brony

With "Whovian b" Google shows us that we like to celebrate our birthdays with Whovian cards and gifts. Whovian Brony? It's not a Zygon name, but a fan of both Doctor Who and My Little Pony! We are living in a world of crossover craziness!

Craziness, Confessions and Cookbook

So what if our fandom has taken us to the edge of eccentricity? However we may on occasions feel embarrassed about our love for Who. We have to confess to "normal people" who we are and what we do in the name of the Doctor. The cookbook in question is "Dining with the Doctor" and Chapter One shows us how to prepare "Slitheen Eggs"!

Definition, Dating and Day

The first term here suggests that not everyone knows who or what a Whovian is. I recently saw a piece in the "Daily Mail" using the term "Whovian" in quotes. It hasn't quite entered common language yet. As for dating, Google give us Whovian hookups and Whovian love. A veritable Pandora's box. Many a relationship has started and ended because of Doctor Who. Day? Well, we've just had it and wasn't it wonderful?

Ents, Etiquette and Etsu

I had imagined that the first term would refer to how Whovians entertain themselves. I was wrong. "Ents" refers to fans of trees. The walkin' talkin' variety from "The Lord of the Rings" in another bizarre Whovian crossover. As for etiquette, Google shows us the way to many useful tips, such as "Sharing a jellybaby is not only polite, but might just save your life!" or "If he lets you keep Mickey, then let him keep the horse!". What is "Etsu"? East Tennessee State University. Its students are part of many different fandoms, Doctor Who included.

Feminism, Food and Fandom

"Whovian Feminism" gives not only a concept, a blog but also a feminist's guide to the show. "Food" takes us again to "Dining with the Doctor", plus many other interesting recipes from all over the web. The last entry under "F" needs no explanation.

Gifts, Gift Ideas and Greetings

The first two remind us again of how we like celebrating with Doctor Who. "Greetings" mainly refers to cards, but also to how we should approach family and friends with a "Hello Sweetie!"

Holidays, Head Canon and Humour

"Holidays" here generally mean Christmas. But did you know that April 3 is "Fishfingers and Custard Day" or May 7 is "Black Spot Day", when you should draw a black mark on your palm? "Head canon" does not refer to the CEO of a camera producing corporation, but to things not featuring in original canon and just inside a fan's head. As for humour, the internet is bursting to the brim with funny photos and witty quotes. Before the Master and the Time Lords came back, the following joke was a classic: "Q: How many Time Lords does it take to screw in a lightbulb? A: You don't really have much of choice, do you?"

In the Dictionary, Insults, Institute

"Whovian" was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2012. Apart from the Eleventh's own "You little Daleks!", Whovian insults include "Your lips are so chapped they have left a permanent crack in the universe!" or "Act your age, not your regeneration number!". Whovian Institute is a resource for "all things Doctor Who, Sarah Jane and Torchwood"

Jewellery and Jokes

Whovian Jewellery is "original inspired jewellery with tasteful designs". For jokes, see "humour" above.


Why not make ourselves some Whovian mittens, dish-cloths and of course scarves?

Love, Leap and Language

For "Love" see dating. Google reminds us though: "Just like The Doctor, everybody needs a companion to explore the universe with and what better way to do that than by traveling with a fellow Whovian?" For "Leap" I couldn't possibly comment. "Language" mainly refers to the word "Whovian" but a Chinese Mandarin speaker in Beijing is looking for a "language exchange partner". Could our beloved Celestial Toymaker be setting a trap for us?

Meaning, Memes and Merchandise

The term "Whovian" continues to arouse curiosity. For those not au fait, a meme is an idea, style or image spread across the Internet. Whovian merchandise now fills the web and not just our bedrooms!

WhovianNet and Necklace

WhovianNet is a UK based Doctor Who fan site and the Whovian necklaces online are creations of pure genius.

Oxford, Origin and OED

With "Origin" Google gives us further proof of the interest in the term "Whovian". Oxford and OED both refer to the dictionary.

Pick Up Lines, Problems and Prayer

The letter "P" provides us with some fun. Make the first move with: "Don't ask me what we'll be doing tonight, sweetie. Spoilers!", "Silence will fall when the question is asked. Will you marry me?" and "Are you from Gallifrey? Because you are definitely out of this world!" Apparently Whovian problems include getting excited when people talk about Susan and you realise they are talking about the horse from "A Town called Mercy". Or you mention the Third Doctor and someone says "Oh you mean Matt Smith?" The Whovian prayer is pure genius and starts: "Our Time Lord Who Art in Tardis! The Doctor be thy Name...." Check it out. It's definitely worth a google!

Quiz, Quotes and Questions

Google finds quizzes for us at all levels of difficulty. Your average fan prides himself with all the famous Who quotes he can reel off and the Internet is a very useful place for those of us with failing memories. The "questions" don't refer to the supposed complexity of The Great Moff's scripts but quizzes and Smith and Tennant interviews.

Rules and Religion

"Whovian Rules" can be found on Tumblr and Twitter and is full of witty words of wisdom. According to Reddit, 1232 people on Facebook describe Doctor Who as their religion. There is also a blog on WordPress, "Whovian Theology", which looks at the show from a religious standpoint.

Shaming, Shirt and Story Time

"Whovian Shaming" is intriguing. I would have imagined it meant cruelly mocking fans for their passion. In reality it seems to refer to a photo of a statue or "Weeping Angel" bending over a grave. There is a joke: "Go home Angel! You are drunk!" and it seems that offence has been taken in some quarters. The many t-shirts which are for sale online seem a great deal less controversial. "Story Time" is the tale of two Whovians falling in love in a bookshop. A fanboy proudly wearing a bow tie woos a girl with "You and me. All of time and space. Where do you wanna go?” and the rest is history.

Test, Tumblr and Times

"Test" provides us with yet more quizzes. Tumblr gives us proof, if any be needed, of our boundless creativity. "Whovian Times" was a Doctor Who newsletter published by the "Doctor Who Fan Club of America" based in Denver.

Urban Dictionary, Usernames and Universe

The Urban Dictionary defines Whovians as fans of Doctor Who but also as "psychopathic rainbow ponies from the extinct planet of Gallifrey". They need a revision or an update at least! As for the second query, you can apparently tell a Whovian by the fact that most of his or her usernames are Who-related. Typing in "Universe" gives us links to Facebook and Pinterest.

Vs normal people and Valentines

We react differently to normal people, when we hear the Doctor Who theme music or see a statue resembling a "Weeping Angel". "Valentines" gives us many slick yet slushy Whovian cards.

Wedding, Wiki and Website

Yet more romance! Now Whovians are getting married. En masse! To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary 50 Whovian couples got married in London with Daleks and Cybermen as guests. Wiki now gives us more Whovian knowledge than the Matrix Data Bank itself. There are plenty of Whovian websites out there, some of which are quite literally out there!

(X alas gives us no prompts!)

YouTube, Young and Lastwhovian YouTube

YouTube caters for our Whovian video needs. LastWhovian can be found there and produces Doctor Who trailers. "Young" refers to the tale of Matt Smith meeting Sydney, a shy young Whovian, at a convention. The kid's mum moved Matt and the crowds by telling them how her son was heartbroken because Matt was leaving and he wanted to ask him why!

Alas Z is for zilch. Google gives us nix for this letter.

So there we have it. Obviously the popularity of some search terms change and so do the Google prompts accordingly. So maybe in the future we'll find some different guesses. To sum up I would say that it is becoming increasingly clear that the term "Whovian" is now more widely used and accepted than before. However even though the meaning or definition of "Whovian" may be clear to us fans, the word is not necessarily familiar among "normal people", as some Google guesses would suggest. Overall its prompts make clear that Whovians are romantic, creative, generous, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and, why not, a little crazy. Google is our hi-tech modern-day mirror and in it we can see the reflection of our Whovian soul.


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