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So a while back Disney got rid of Flynn Rider at the Disney Park meet and greets and i thought that was rather odd. i felt Tangled was as much a Flynn Rider movie as it was a Rapunzel movie maybe more, so i thought, "ok, i guess he didn't connect with boys the way Disney wanted him to." Then Brave came along and it focused even more on the Mother, Daughter story with no real prince or significant male character to speak of and i was like, "ok, i see thats not the princess story they were trying to tell and its a different take on the Mother/Daughter story Tangled told so i guess its fine."

Then Frozen came out and it really was more a story of sisterly love but it too tossed the male characters aside, sure Kristoff was there but he was almost an after thought by the end of the movie and we won't talk about Hans. Then Maleficent shows up with literally no positive male characters, the King is evil, the Prince is laughably pathetic and Maleficent's sidekick is a crow not a man, i would have been offended if the movie had actually been good. As i was leaving the theater i heard a mom ask her daughter what she thought of Maleficent and the daughter responded that she should not trust men, i don't know about you but thats very troubling to me.

Anyways, seeing all this i started thinking that Disney seems to be really getting away from the whole Prince and Princess live happily ever after story so, what's next, a Father, daughter love story? Sister, brother love story? Granddaughter and grandmother love story, where does it end? Does the fact that the target audience is female mean that men are relegated to villains and mere place holders? What do you guys think, has Disney completely given up on the male audience?


Are Disney Princess movies giving up on male audiences?


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