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This past weekend we had two huge sequels come out! Both for different demographics so lets see which one came out on top:

1)22 Jump Street - $60 Million

2)How To Train Your Dragon 2 - $50 Million

3)Maleficent - $19 Million

4)Edge Of Tomorrow - $16.1 Million

5)The Fault In Our Stars - $15.7 Million

This weekend was really surprising!

Last weekend The Fault In Our Stars was at number 1, and now its dropped to number 5! But it still made a decent amount in its second week, its already grossed enough o be considered a success.

Edge Of Tomorrow not doing too well again, I was hoping it may earn a little more than it did because of the great word of mouth but perhaps not. If you are one of those people who still have not seen Edge Of Tomorrow, please go and see it!

Maleficent still hanging in there, that's made a lot more than I thought it would already!

And now these are the ones that could have gone either way!

How To Train Your Dragon 2 at number 2, I was really expecting this to be at number 1! It's the most anticipated animated movie of the year, its coming off a great first movie and its a kids movie! I thought it would made more than $50 Million.

So 22 Jump Street was out big winner, $60 Million opening weekend for a comedy is fantastic! Congrats to the movie, its a lot of fun!

How To Train Your Dragon 2 releases in the UK at the end of this month so I will have a review up then and I will have a review up for The Fault In Our Stars at the end of this week, but for now go check out my reviews of the other top 4 movies at the box office! Thanks as always for reading guys, make sure you head to for all the latest articles on everything box office!

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