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The film industry is probably the most popular and valuable industry in the world at the moment. Every year, there's some good films and some bad films, but once in a while an iconic movie comes along. These movies heavily influence social media and are incredibly remembered for years after. Whether its a certain moment in a film, the soundtrack, the cast or all the above. These movies strike some thing in us. It can be tears, laughter's or in my case, money from my wallet buying merch. Here's my list of the definitive top 7 most iconic movies ever made.

10. Alien

One of horrors most iconic franchises came straight from 1979 and hasn't looked back since. After making tons of movies (not all good) and a fair share of games, these movies have made their mark. The alien creature itself is widely known and the late creator, HR Giger will be remembered forever for what he created.

9. Indiana Jones

A hugely successful franchise from the 80's because I am of course, disregarding the latest movie. Harrison Ford stars in this widely loves movie of the treasure hunting, quick witted Indiana Jones. The soundtrack is known by just about everyone. Not to mention, anytime I see a boulder, I instantly think of this movie.

8. Ghost Busters

An incredibly iconic movie both 1 & 2 for years. The third one is due to come out in the next 3/4 years and I for one am excited as they have so much iconic material to work with.

7. The Matrix

A mind bending and boggling sci-fi that makes us question every single moment in the film until we are left drained of thinking. Whether its the black tail-coats or the Agents, this movie is a pave-stone for modern sci-fi's and still proves to be one the best movies ever made. Quite interesting to think whether if the film would be still as iconic if Will Smith was to play Neo which was originally planned.

6. Reservoir Dogs

How many times have you saw quotes and stills from the movies on T-Shirts that you pass everyday. Have they all seen the movie? Probably not, but that's what shows an iconic movie. Directed by the iconic Quentin Tarantino as one of his earlier movies but one of his best. This film has tons of memorable scenes backed by a fantastic soundtrack.

5. Back To The Future

A widely beloved franchise that has a wonderful soundtrack, great story and beyond perfect cast. Just about everybody have seen these classic movies. The Delorean is always automatically associated with these films. Good job to the marketing team.

4. Pulp Fiction

You know this movie. Whoever you are, whatever age you are, you know it. You've seen countless pictures and I know you know the soundtrack. This film is the second entry from Quentin Tarantino and if you haven't seen this movie, you should probably go see it now.

3. James Bond

I know there are 23 films but when talking about iconic movies there's no way I couldn't include these. The guns, the tuxedo's, the cars, the qutoe's, need I say more? The names Bond, James Bond.

2. The Godfather

Widely regarded two of the best films in the world and also some of the most iconic movies in the world. You know the music, and you know the films. You probably even have a t-shirt of the Don in your wardrobe.

1. Star Wars

Were you expecting anything else really? Darth Vader, the Death Star, John William's score and most importantly; Lightsabers. These movies are about as iconic as they get. Probably the most adored movies in the world. Just about everybody is excited for the 7th one next year.

What did you guys think? Comment below and vote in the poll! But first here are notable mentions:

  • Lord of The Rings Trilogy
  • Twilight Saga
  • The Dark Knight
  • Gladiator
  • Goodfellas
  • Taxi Driver


Most iconic movie(s) ever?


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