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With the release of the newest installment in the X-men franchise (X-Men Days of Future Past), as well as the newest installment of Spider-man (The Amazing Spider-man 2) marvel comics movies seem to be dominating. However Marvel Studios does not own the rights to either X-men or Spider-man so the movies do not exist with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Spider-man not doing as well as expected there have been rumors that Marvel may possibly be getting Spider-man back. Also Marvel has stopped production of Fantastic four comics to get the movie rights back from fox. This got me thinking,"What if Marvel got Spider-man Fantastic four and X-men back?"

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Many would argue that it's impossible as well as say that if Marvel got the rights back they would need to reboot. But I believe this to be false. Let's start with if Marvel got X-men back. If Marvel got X-men back the way they could get away with the X-men not being in Avengers is by simply having X-men be a time piece. X-men DOFP takes place in the 1970's, and [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267) is set to take place in the 80's. Here is where it can work. The X-men were around back in the day, yet after apocalypse became more underground and decided to stop the crime fighting and focus more on training young mutants to harness there powers. However after the events of what has happened so far in the MCU the X-men come out of isolation and begin trying to help the world again in a possible Avengers Vs X-Men movie. Plus with the end of X-men DOFP we discover that the events of the original X-men trilogy never happened so we could also say that DOFP changed the universe with a ripple effect causing Captain America and the rest of the MCU to form.

With Marvel and Fox sharing Quicksilver there is in fact a way to make them the same Quicksilver. In [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) we see Quicksilver in a teenager and in Age of Ultron he appears to be older. In Captain America The Winter soldier we see Quicksilver and Scarlet witch as well and they are called Miracles. The way they could justify him as a mutant is that [Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch](movie:1081109) went to find their father as in DOFP we discover that Quicksilver is unaware Magneto is his father. They then run into Baron Von Strucker who sees their mutant abilities and tricks them into believing they are his children and promises them more power than they already had.

The next Superhero to be easily written into the universe is Spider-man. Many people argue the point of, If Spidey was in the MCU where was he in [The Avengers](movie:9040)? Well my theory to add him into the cinematic universe could fix that problem. My theory is that The Amazing Spider-Man takes place after Avengers. The reason is the mass amount of cranes around the city in The Amazing Spider-Man. When Spidey is swinging to Oscorp to fight the Lizard there are a lot of cranes all over New York. This could be because parts of the city were destroyed in Avengers with the alien invasion. Now the other question people ask is, Why isn't Spidey part of the Avengers in The Amazing Spider-Man 2? My reasoning for this is because Spider-man is not a hero that is yet Avengers quality. The Avengers took out an Alien invasion and have defeated a planetary threat, all Spidey has done is defeated a giant Lizard man who was gonna mutate the city. Also another potential reason Spidey may not be in the Avengers is he is too young. In [The Amazing Spider-Man 2](movie:508593) Peter graduates but he is just out of High School, Im pretty sure the Avengers wouldn't want a cocky teenager on their team that is already dysfunctional, besides they already have enough cockiness with Tony Stark.

With Age Of Ultron not out yet we on't know exactly what will happen to the marvel universe afterward and if the events of that movie will make my theories irrelevant. But if Marvel was to buy the rights now this is how they should and could go about doing it.

But am I right? Write in with your thoughts below the line!!


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