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Sarah-Nicole Carnivalli

Tonight HBO's Game of Thrones finished its 4th season, and dare I say, it was a bit disappointing. Game of Thrones is known for it unexpected plot twists and shocking popular character deaths, and even though we all are praying to the old gods and the new for mercy on our remaining favorites, I succumbed to hoping for someone to fall unwillingly into the arms of death.

After a great season, I was left with way too many questions about certain events that took place, such as: what's the deal with the White Walkers and the baby back in the beginning of season 4, I have been waiting all season for clarification on that. Are the White Walkers actually gods of some sort? Are theythe seven kingdoms inevitable winter reckoning? What about Sansa Stark? How has she decided to spend her life from here on out? Is she Little Finger's new play thing? Will she learn his manipulative ways of living? Has she finally accepted that her life is a never ending- steaming pile of Cow Dung and instead of pitying herself, decided she should do something about it? And why did Arya not except help from Brienna? I understand she is trying to prove that she is not a "little girl" and she can take care of herself. Trust us Arya, we have gotten that down by now. But seriously... You saw how Brienna kicked ass in that battle, against The Hound, she could have been a great ally for you to have. Really the only thing that upset me on an emotional level during this episode, was Daernerys' realization that her beautiful fire coughing children have matured into the children eating, city destroying creatures they are destined to be and having to lock them up.

Don't worry Daenerys Targaryen I am upset to
Don't worry Daenerys Targaryen I am upset to

Now I have not read the Novels (yet ) so forgive me for my lack of knowledge in the events to come. But after a season final like the infamous season three's hit "The Red Wedding" I was expecting much more from the writers (that I worship) for this season four finale.

I want to hear from YOU! Please, share your thoughts on the seasons ending, I am open to all opinions! Valar Morghulis


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