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Tino Jochimsen

Ryan Reynolds did it.

In spite of heavy competition, a lack of career momentum, and the fact that he starred in the first, not exactly enthusiastically-received Green Lantern, you, the Moviepilot Nation, want him to return.

Who knew?!

Here's hoping that the powers that be recognize that fans liked Reynolds as Hal Jordan - just not necessarily the movie he starred in.

Congratulations Ryan Reynolds!


Do you approve of this vote?

Now, as is our wont, we also present the topic of the next fan casting along with the winner.

You may or may not have heard the rumors fluttering about the internets, rumors that a certain whip-cracking franchise may be rebooted.

Yeah we know: There might not be a whole lot of truth in these rumors and quite frankly, hopefully there isn't.

But just in case an Indiana Jones reboot actually happens, we want to fan cast the shit out of the sucker, so studios know who the champion of the people is.

The Indiana Jones fan casting starts Friday the 20th.

Suggest your candidate in the comment section below!


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