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Now HERE'S a piece of news with some real bite... Researchers believe they may have finally found the grave of Dracula!

The university scholars stated they have discovered evidence that suggests the Count was taken prisoner, ransomed to his daughter in Italy and then buried in a church in Naples. Now, a headstone has been discovered there, and has historians very intrigued.

A student by the name of Erika Stella who is doing her dissertation on Naples' Santa Maria la Nova Church, found a headstone on a grave which she says belongs to none other than the 15th-century Prince Vlad Tepes III - that's DRACULA to us!

Check out this picture of the grave site that is making people believe it's the man himself:

A real-life Dracula tomb!

I'm withholding judgement on this one until we get all the facts. But, in case you can't wait for the results, sink your teeth into these insane real-life Dracula facts...

1. He was TOTALLY pissed about his dad's death

Vlad spent much of his early life in a Turkish prison, and when he was released he discovered that his father had been betrayed by his people and buried alive by Hungarian soldiers. The welfare state being what it was back then, I'm guessing Vlad never sought out anger management...


2. He enjoyed a nice bit o' blood at lunch

As was his custom, Vlad had his servants set a dining table of fine food and wine so that he could enjoy his lunch by watching his torture victims at close range. Apparently, he also had his servants dip his bread in the blood of the dying souls, so that he could savor the taste of life... Bon Appétit!


3. He just loved poking people with sticks

Yeah, yeah. We all know this guy was a fan of gore. But he didn't just murder his victims - he had them all excruciatingly killed by slowly driving blunt stakes through their abdomens. It's likely this is where Bram Stoker got the idea of staking vampires in the heart to kill them.


4. My, wasn't Drac a crafty one!

... That said, Vlad wasn't just a one-trick pony. He was also an early adopter of biological warfare. In one instance, he took some of his subjects who had highly infectious diseases and sent subjects disguised as Turks, stricken with infectious disease, to live among the armies in their camps.


5. He was a great people manager

By "great", I mean "horrendous". By "people", I mean the sick and the poor. And by "manager", I mean burning alive in an attempt to clean up the streets of the city. Vlad invited all the undesirables over to his for dinner, then boarded up the building and burned the whole thing to the ground while everybody was still inside. That's one heated dinner party...



After reading that lot, do YOU think they should open up Dracula's tomb?

(Source: BloodyDisgusting)


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