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As part of the JP Valderrama exhibition called 'Miscellaneous Mayhem', the illustrator included a couple of imaginative recreations of some classic eighties cartoons. The exhibition was at the Bottleneck Gallery and included, He-Man, Voltron and Thundercats.

Check them out below:

1. Voltron: Defender of the Universe

I think that this is a really cool image because it's telling the story of the Defender of the Universe in one image with great impact.

2. Thundercats

This is a seriously badass modernization of a classic looking Thundercats image.

3. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Here is a stunning piece of work inspired by He-Man and the Masters of the Universe that shows of a selection of the main characters in a conceptual battle.

Below are a series of one sheet images that have been taken from the main image and placed into their own presentation:

4. He-Man: He Man

5. He Man: Hordak

6. He-Man: Skeletor

7. He-Man: Orko

Well folks what was your favorite?


Favorite Killustration

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