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Seventh degree black belt karate instructor, prolific Instagramer and former Green/White Power Ranger Jason David Frank has been doing the comic book convention rounds of late. Frank's recent appearances, as far as we know, have had no relationship with Lionsgate's upcoming reboot but, if a picture the actor posted over the weekend is anything to go by, it seems that wont be the case much longer.

On Sunday evening Frank tweeted "SDCC" along with this photo; which for some unknown reason, has already been taken down...

Asside from the fact that Lionsgate and Saban are involved, little has been reported on the planned reboot so the mere connection of Frank with the official Lionsgate/Saban presentation might hint that some juicy reveals are on the way.

Any idea who this special appearance will be? Let us know below.

More on [Power Rangers](movie:1408875) as we get it.

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Is this really happening?


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