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We all know there's a human barbie out there roaming the streets (and terrifying it is, too). But did you know there's also a human Elsa?

Meet 18-year-old Florida-based Anna Faith, the latest internet superstar who bagged herself over 290,000 Instagram followers and over 17,000 Twitter fans within a matter of weeks.

And, to be fair, if an animated character and a real person could be twins, it would be Anna and Elsa... Check out these two lookalikes!

Anna went to her prom dressed as Elsa, has a best friend who 'happens' to also look like Elsa's sister in Frozen, Anna, and the two perform Elsa's hit, "Let It Go" at kids' parties.

Sorry, gurl, you're purdy and all but Disney does not mess around with amateurs impersonating their licensed characters. Still, there's always these 5 unbelievably convincing cosplay costumes to oggle, if this inauthentic Elsa gets shut down...


Lara Croft, Tomb Raider

There's no cosplay like Lara Croft cosplay. Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "nice guns."


Sauron, The Lord of the Rings

Here's the necromancer himself at a renaissance fair. There's one intimidating nerd under all that metal...


Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones

I'm pretty sure this particular Khal Drogo works the night-shift at my local Subway. Still, as long as they're happy...


Zangief, Street Fighter

I sincerely hope this is a convincing Zangrief from Street Fighter costume... Otherwise somebody should probably call the cops...


Loki, Thor

Is this menacing cosplay-er hoping to attrach a female following, à la Hiddles? Sure, the costume's great. But he might end up slightly disappointed...



Favorite cosplay costume?

(Source: E! Online)


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