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This is probably one of the toughest duels I would ever have to write out on this website! These two actors have bounced their careers off these two characters respectively. And fans never want them to leave, but it certainly looks that way!

This is not a competition on the success of the characters themselves, nor the success of the films that have been made, but the performances that RDJ and Hugh Jackman pulled off to make these characters so bad-ass!

Robert Downey JR.

After all the problems Robert Downey JR encountered before the Iron Man franchise, you have got to give him credit for picking himself up, dusting himself down and getting on with his work, and not only that, but to some he pulls off a perfect Tony Stark AND Iron Man, the chemistry between him and other actors in the MCU are unparalleled! And it is argued that he single-handedly made the MCU a success (financially).

He's got to come back for [Iron Man 4](movie:886190)!

Hugh Jackman

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This man has played Wolverine for almost 15 years now! And that's a compliment in its own, I think Hugh Jackman at this point IS Wolverine for the Movie universe fans. He has a great Savage quality that he brings out and he really nails the look down as best as any actor could. Hugh gave us the vulnerable yet full of rage Logan,and the Logan who is actually likable,and lovable,to all audiences!


Who portrayed the better performance?


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