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Last time we saw Beth Greene on The Walking Dead, she'd been put in the back of a mysterious car and driven away to an unknown location. Since then we've not seen or heard from her and still have no real idea as to why she was taken.

Answers, however, might soon be at hand after the same car that whisked Beth away was spotted on set:

First up, here's the car that took Beth:

And here's the vehicle spotted on set:

So who does this car belong to and why did they take Beth? My first theory is Father Gabriel rescued her from the horde of hungry walkers attacking the funeral parlor and offered her refuge wherever it is he's holed up.

The other - darker - possibility is that this car is the ride for those living at Terminus, a sort of Meals on Wheels that collects "dinner" for those ravenous Termites. If that's the case, then Beth's in big trouble.


Who does this car belong to?

(Source Spoiling Dead Fans)


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