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Unfortunately, Harrison Ford has been in the news the last week for all the wrong reasons. Firstly, there were those erroneous rumors that Robert Pattinson was on board to replace Harrison Ford in both the Indiana Jones reboot and Han Solo spin-off movies, and secondly there was the shock news that Ford has broken his ankle on the set of [Star Wars: Episode VII](movie:711158).

However, this second piece of news could have inadvertently let slip another massive nugget of Star Wars information. You see, when published their article concerning this news, they included the phrase which read: “Here's wishing him well, since he's booked for three Star Wars films.”

As far as we know officially, Harrison Ford is currently only on board for one Star Wars movie; Episode VII. Could Deadline have accidentally released more information than they intended? Could Han Solo really be a character that sticks around for the entirety of the new Star Wars franchise?

Well, here's where things get more complicated. Since it was first published, Deadline has removed the offending line, although as point out, it still appears in Google results.

The big question of course, is this; was it removed because it was a simple mistake, or was it hastily taken down when the Disney lawyers got wind of it? You see, Deadline is the one of the go-to websites for industry news. If something appears on Deadline, you can generally expect it to be officially sanctioned by a studio. Along with The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline is basically the BBC of the movie news world.

In this sense, they certainly are privy to more information than your average movie news website, although I wouldn't expect writers on the frontline to necessarily know all of it. Therefore, this line could simply be an honest error made by a writer who extrapolated too much information from the fact there are three confirmed new Star Wars movies on the way. Having worked in this job for some time, I definitely know these kind of mistakes happen.

Before this news arrived, the general consensus was that the older generation of Star Wars stars would be handing the reins over to a new generation of younger characters. However, we do know that one of the issues which led to Michael Arndt's Star Wars: Episode VII script being rejected was that it did not feature the older characters as much as J.J. Abrams would have liked. Has be potentially made them the central crux of the new trilogy?

What do you think? How much of the old breed do you want to see?


How much of the old Star Wars characters do you want to see in the new trilogy?



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