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In Season 1, Liev Schreiber's titular Ray Donovan did the dirty work for LA's top power players whilst trying to sort through the almighty heap of crap going on in his own life, including a couple of brothers with some serious issues, a deceased sister who jumped off a building whilst high, a scary mobster father, and - of course - Ray's new family...

Despite the commotion, however, the show must've been doing something right, as Showtime has brought it back for a second season. Here's the official trailer for your perusal, in which we see Ray and Abby seeing a shrink, Vinessa Shaw causing some strife as a guest star, and Abby doing the dirty on her husband... With someone you would NOT expect:

Aah, bloody, boozy and brawling - just what I wanted.


Will you be watching Ray Donovan Season 2?

(Source: Deadline)


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