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After flexing his directorial muscles for an episode of The Vampire Diaries a few months ago, Paul Wesley is eager to keep moving forward with his career behind the camera.

This time the actor, whose character recently bit the dust on [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853), focused on a subject that is close to his heart: His Polish heritage and his beloved grandfather who lives in Warsaw.

Wesley dropped a tweet at the end of May expressing his excitement about undertaking the project, and now it seems like the PSA is a wrap.

The actor flew to Poland to direct his short film and was kind enough to share a photo of his grandfather chilling in his Warsaw apartment during filming;

It's nice to see that grandparent's houses look pretty similar the world over! Those clashing floral patterns are totally reminiscent of my grandma's apartment back in England... Not to mention the unnecessary amount of oranges in the background!

Even though Paul Wesley changed his surname (Wasilewski) to benefit his acting career, the 31-year-old star still has a strong connection to his Polish heritage. The actor, who can speak Polish fluently, shared in the 2010 interview that he often visits his grandparents who live in Warsaw and he is very proud of his family connections to the European country.

Don't believe me that he can speak Polish? Check out the video below and hear it with your own two ears!


Are you impressed with Paul Wesley using his directing skills to celebrate his heritage?

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