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Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of what's going on in all of your favorite shows. Your Mad Men and True Detectives can get muddled up with those finally Met Mothers and players of Throne Games so easily. Honestly, who knows whether Tyrion's going to get with Robin anymore.

This is all the more tricky when those shows have been away for almost a year.

Thankfully, for fans of True Blood getting pumped up for its imminent return, have an excellent - and timely - solution. They're breaking down everything you might have forgotten from last season - and the five seasons before that - all for your viewing pleasure.

They've started with shapeshifting bar owner Sam Merlotte, the sexaholic Jason Stackhouse and vampire Eric Northman - which you can check out right here.

All in all? It's a great resource for anyone who's a little fuzzy on exactly what to expect come that season premiere - and an even more useful one for anyone who wants to catch up without any of that pesky 'enjoying watching the show'.

[True Blood](series:200767) returns for its seventh and final season Sunday, June 22, 2014.


Who do you guys feel most in need of being caught up on?



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