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Luke Evans stars as the man who becomes the infamous Count Dracula. Information on plot is thin on the ground right now but from the poster we can tell a few things.

Check it out below:

The poster does suggest an armored lord-like character and his fall from grace, so perhaps we might get the real origin story of Count Dracula which is touched upon in Bram Stoker's book and based on a real-life warrior called Vlad The Impaler.

Count Dracula was a descendant of Atilla the Hun, one of the most feared enemies of the Roman Empire. He was a nobleman who fought and led various battles against the Turks during the Ottoman Wars.

Based on 'Vlad III The Impaler', who had a very similar history, his grave was also never found; which is where the Dracula myth begins.

With an interest in alchemy and magic, it is suggested that Dracula was put in a tomb and due to his witchcraft was, after a while, able to wake up again and thus make himself immortal. It can be suggested, as it has been in many stories, that Dracula is the original vampire, with his vampire side being created with magic that makes him immortal but also blood dependent. As the blood in his system grows old, he needs to revitalize it by preying on the freshest humans he can find. His spell, like most becomes a curse, which was a common tragedy story line in older Dracula adaptations.

However, they might just ignore that storyline and make something new as the synopsis simply reads:

The origin story of the man who becomes Dracula.

What do you think? Do we need a new origin story or do you think we've never explored this story properly before?


Dracula Origin Story

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