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With many incarnations of the T-Rex on screen over the years and all of them with large booming roars, we're left with the question: Do they actually sound like that or is this a fiction created in the Hollywood editing suite?

(Just on a side, and slightly related note, when I found out the gun sounds in Heat were artificial; broke my young heart.)

In an article with Vulture the 7 TIME Oscar winner Gary Rydstorm (Jurassic Park, Terminator 2) spoke on how he created the T-Rex roar and that it was in fact a mixture of elephant and dog sounds. But what he spoke most about was the frequency and speed of these sounds.

The way they animated the T. rex was very doglike, especially when it grabs the Gallimimus and the lawyer and shakes them to death... Every day I would see my dog playing with the rope toy and doing exactly that, pretending like he's killing his prey...

Here's a quick clip of the T-Rex' movements, actually quite dog like:

...inspired by Ben Burtt, the great sound designer from the Star Wars movies and a mentor of mine. He did the Rancor beast in Return of the Jedi by slowing a chihuahua sound down.

Check it out:

It's one of the secrets of sound design that if you slow something down, something small, it brings out elements of the sound that you could probably never get if you recorded something big.

Check out his final T-Rex sound below:

Okay so, now we know how they were created, the next question is do they actually sound like an actual T-Rex? Well no, due to the fact that it's very unlikely the T-Rex had a larynx - the organ that most reptiles use to communicate - although as this also does not fossilize, it's hard to say for sure. Though sources say that this organ had not yet evolved with dinosaurs.

Scientist and Journalist Mathew Martyniuk said:

It may have hissed and boomed like crocodiles, snakes, and emus. It may have been the strong, mostly-silent type. But it probably couldn't roar. Except, of course, in the next Jurassic Park film. Movie producers will never let science get in the way of a good scare!

So there you have it, Hollywood up to its old tricks again - some more cloak and dagger shit for the masses...

Curiously Gary Rhystorm also admitted bashfully where the Raptors sound actually came from.

It's somewhat embarrassing, but when the raptors bark at each other to communicate, it's a tortoise having sex.

So folks what is your favorite movie (almost in reality) beast sound?


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