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Oh, look! It's LEGO, again, making things even more full of awesome!

As if a retro soundtrack, enjoyable hapazard cinematography, yellow titles in Futura Bold, some incredibly stylized design, and other similar directorial quirks weren't quirky enough for Wes Anderson fans, real life LEGO Master Builder Ryan Ziegelbauer has taken on replicating, brick-by-brick, the Grand Budapest Hotel.

The work of art - built to mark the release of the movie on Blu-Ray and DVD - stands seven feet high, weighs over 150lbs and features over 50,000 perfectly-placed LEGO bricks. How's this for patience:

Unfortunately, no, you can't buy your own 50,000 piece Grand Budapest Hotel LEGO set any time soon (quite pissed about that, really, because I already did an office whip around). On the plus side, I'm not sure how I'd feel about spending 75 hours of the one life I was given on building a plastic toy hotel, so...


The Grand Budapest Hotel in LEGO... Like it?

(Source: IndieWire)


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