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There are some Hollywood actors you might choose to mess with, given a high enough level of blood alcohol and sufficient goading. There are some who, if you were placed into a competitive Fight Club or Hunger Games scenario, you might be willing to tangle with. We're obviously in no way suggesting that you should, but if it came down to it, via some sort of unlikely plot contrivance, then there are some people you'd probably fancy your chances of taking down.

There are also some actors, however, who it is important to know never to mess with. Fighting The Rock, for instance, would likely be a bad call for your physical and emotional well being. Chris Hemsworth, similarly. Gina Carano would be fully capably of removing your windpipe from where it is traditionally supposed to reside. Channing Tatum is surprisingly large in real life.

We should probably add someone to that list - just in case any of us have forgotten Pulp Fiction: Samuel L. Jackson.

Need proof? Check out the video below - and be prepared to be afraid. Very afraid.

So, that's what happens when a presenter on British television asks Samuel L. Jackson to do an impression of what his response to a boy coming around to pick up his daughter would be.

The thing is - imagine how scary it would be in real life. Clearly there's a reason he still remembers that speech.

Possibly because it's awesome:

Ah well, at least now we can understand exactly why all the Avengers do whatever the hell Nick Fury tells them to...

[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) is currently set for release May 1, 2015.


What do you guys think? Would you take on Samuel L. Jackson in a fight?

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