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All hail Jennifer Lawrence!

Apparently, we're not the only MASSIVE JLaw fans. Twilight's very own bit of tween eye-candy Robert Pattinson just admitted that he's is a big fan of Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, too...

The 28-year-old actor is currently promoting his new movie, The Rover, while Lawrence completes shooting for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2. And speaking in a recent promotional interview, Rob was gushing all over Jen... Let's face it - it ain't hard to see why!

Lawrence delivers consistent solid performances, she's fantastic in live interviews and she's a hoot on the red carpet if you strategically place stuff she can stumble upon in front of her.

Hardly surprising, then, that Pattinson also loves her - though he's quick to underline that they couldn't possibly be more different. He admitted:

She’s amazing. She’s absolutely incredible. But also we’re different types of people. She seems like she’s super-confident - and I don’t have the kind of confidence. She glows. I think you can fit that into quite a few different areas. Whereas I’ve got a kind of sneak-through-the-cracks style.

Well, they do say opposites attract!

What do you think of all of Rob's compliments for JLaw? Is he totally crushing on The Hunger Games actress, or what?


Is Robert Pattinson crushing on Jennifer Lawrence?

(Source: TheDailyBeast)


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