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It seems like even your next door neighbors cat is suddenly an enormous Jennifer Lawrence fan these days, but the jovial actress also has fans in high places.

Notably, her fellow young adult franchise gargantuan, Robert Pattinson. In an interview with The Daily Beast, the 28-year-old heartthrob revealed he is a big fan of Lawrence and all that she has achieved in the industry.

Pattinson gushed that;

She’s amazing. She’s absolutely incredible,

Before going on to explain that, although the pair share a similar off key sense of humor, that is where the similarities between them as professionals ends. Rob told interviewers that;

But also we’re different types of people. She seems like she’s super-confident — and I don’t have the kind of confidence. She glows. I think you can fit that into quite a few different areas. Whereas I've got a kind of sneak-through-the-cracks style

In the same interview, Pattinson also went on to describe the trials and tribulations of playing the biggest young adult heartthrob of a generation. The famously shy actor explained that;

I’ve always thought that nothing comes for free. You get paid a bunch of money. You get a bunch of opportunities. And you’ve got to pay for it somehow. And in my case, I paid for it by having to figure out how to walk down the street without getting mobbed. I paid for it by people thinking I was one thing. That’s my major desire as an actor — to have no one know who I am. To have no preconceptions. So obviously when a character becomes iconic, you have to deal with the baggage that comes with it.

I couldn't have put it better myself, Rob!


Were you surprised that Robert Pattinson and Jennifer Lawrence know each other?

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