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Dania Lerman

We've all got a favorite - Molly, Kirsten, Addy, Felicity, Samantha, Kit - and there was nothing we ever wanted more badly for Christmas. They were our first introduction to American history - the Depression, Civil War, American Revolution etc. - which is exactly why these American Girl Dolls - re-imagined for today - are uncomfortable, insulting, and... well... funny. Really funny. It's kind of like an honest trailer for our lives - depressing, belittling, but so spot on you've just gotta love it. Check it out:

1) Taylynn Turner: A Vegan For Attention

2) Rachel Berg: A Volunteer Who Wants a Bat Mitzvah Party

3) Sidney Purt: She's Different.

4) Lyla Rodgers: A Rich Girl Humanitarian

5) Rina Harten

6) Tessa Jones


Which re-imagined American Girl Doll hits home the hardest for you?

Courtesy of College Humor.


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