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Sometimes certain actors can become attached to a certain type of role in movies. Sometimes it's because they are particularly good at a role and sometimes it's because they don't know any different. It's like the way all of Seth Rogen's movies seem like one big movie (which I love) or how we will always see Nick Offerman (Parks & Rec) as the manliest man there is on screen. This is a list I've compiled to show actors dipping outside their usual roles, let me know what you guys think!

1. Jim Carey - The Number 23

in 2007, we were greeted with a very paranoid and sketchy Jim Carey, which for me was extremely weird to watch. We usually know him for his over-the-top, eccentric, hilarious humor and to see him like this in The Number 23 makes for strange viewing. The movie is about Jim's character, Walter Sparrow, constantly seeing the number 23 everywhere and how his obsession grows within the movie.

The movie received tame reviews and nothing major about Carey was said. Since then, Jim Carey hasn't done any dramas since, the closest being A Christmas Carol. Could we see Carey reprise a dramatic role down the road? Quite likely.. Carey has a movie in post-production now called True Crimes which follows "a murder investigation of a slain business man who turns to clues found in an author's book about an eerily similar case" - The movie is slated for a 2016 release which sounds interesting! What do you guys think, good/bad move for Carey?

Carey in True Crimes (2016)
Carey in True Crimes (2016)

2. Leonardo DiCaprio - Django Unchained

Leo DiCaprio is an actor that everybody likes, mainly due to his mesmerizing performances. One of the best being his supporting role in Django Unchained. We saw a different side to Leo in this movie, a greedy, cruel and somewhat scary man. As an audience, we're usually always on Leo's side and in this movie, it's almost impossible to justify his character! An astonishing performance, packed with some unscripted scenes, jaw-dropping moments and some stellar acting.

DiCaprio has another sick, twisted character coming up which you can check in another article I did a while back here. Let me know your favorite DiCaprio role in the comments also! I'd love to hear your opinions! Also, check out the unscripted scene where DiCaprio cut his hand in Django Unchained below!

3. Tom Cruise - Tropic Thunder

We all know Tom Cruise as the handsome, confident, main character in every movie he's in, so it's no surprise people were pleasantly shocked to see him as his role in Tropic Thunder. Les Grossman was the funniest part of the star-studded comedy, stealing every single scene he was in. Tom's appearance was completely demolished for this hilarious role. I've even spoke to some people who didn't that this was Tom Cruise! Check out some scenes from the movie below with Tom's great Les Grossman.

4. Matthew McConaughey - The Lincoln Laywer

This great movie spawned off what many people like to call, The McConaughey-aissance.. A fantastic word that completely illustrated the transition Matthew went through. He was just a handsome face for some old romantic comedy, and now he's an Academy Award winning drama actor with tons of amazing films under his belt already, like, The Wolf of Wall Street, Interstellar and Mud.

The movie that spawned off this dramatic role change was, The Lincoln Lawyer. Matthew plays a defense attorney who represents a wealthy client who has a foolproof plan to beat the system.He showed the world that he was very capable on acting and went on to win Best Actor for the role in Dallas Buyers Club. He also played a fantastic role on the hit TV series, True Detective.

5. Robin Williams - Insomnia

The late, great, Robin Williams has played a number of dramatic roles in his time, but for me this is the one that sticks out. We all know what Robin Williams is usually like, he's usually the most eccentric guy in any movie he's in, performing tons of accents and impressions simultaneously, weaving them into the story ever so well. So it's no surprise that it's unnerving when he plays a subdued, reserved character like the one he plays in Christopher Nolan's, Insomnia.

This movie is a complete thriller which also stars Al Pacino which if you haven't seen, is well worth the watch! Especially if your a fan of Nolan's work! Did you prefer Robin Williams dramatic work or his comedy work more?

6. Joseph Gordon Levitt - Don Jon

Joseph Gordon Levitt, the shy nerd who seems to be the nicest guy ever got a complete role change when he took the directors chair back in 2013. For this movie, he plays a guy obsessed with porn and struggles to find love with this addiction.

I'm a huge fan of Levitt, so I have to say it was super strange seeing him in this role of a cocky dude with the accent he portrayed! It was a decent directorial debut for Levitt and I hope he continues to direct! Not sure if I hope he plays more characters like Don Jon though... Check out a clip from Don Jon below!

So there you have it guys - did you like the list? If you want to see more be sure to share and comment! Was there any roles by your favorite actors who played different characters to usual? Let me know!


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