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[How to Train Your Dragon 2](movie:44736) might have some Oscar competition if the trailers for the upcoming [The Boxtrolls](movie:862414) is anything to go by. The first film in the series was up for a Golden Statue but got snubbed by the hugely successful Toy Story 3. It would appear that history might be repeating itself.

Check out the trailer for [The Boxtrolls](movie:862414) below:

The Boxtrolls is produced by the company behind Coraline and ParaNorman, both of which received Oscar nominations and I'm sure the Portland, OR, based production company will be going for their third attempt with this. With How to Train Your Dragon 2 getting a very positive 92% fresh tomato rating, it's hard to know which will come out on top.

Check out the synopsis below:

Based on Alan Snow’s Here Be Monsters, Boxtrolls follows a community of cardboard creatures who have raised an orphaned human boy, Eggs, in their underground tunnel home beneath the streets of Cheesebridge. When Archibald Snatcher (voiced by Oscar winner Ben Kingsley) decides to eradicate these paper-made folk, Eggs rises to the Boxtrolls’ defense with the assistance of his feisty friend Winnie (Elle Fanning). Anthony Staachi and Graham Annable direct.

Will you be going to check out The Boxtrolls?



Source: Deadline


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