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It's Monday, so you know what that means; time to obsess over Penny Dreadful. Or more specifically, obsess over Dorian Gray. I can only speak for this Dreadful when I say that I was still coming down from the high of seeing Dorian and Ethan bond over absinthe when they went and upped the ante with Dorian and Vanessa.

The sexual chemistry between Dorian and Vanessa has been palpable since the moment they met and last night's episode, What Death Can Join Together, delivered on this long simmering and highly anticipated coupling. Both of these characters simply ooze sex whenever they are on screen and bringing the two of them together was explosive.

Watching their courtship was nothing short of sweet and intoxicating, but the ultimate payoff was even more so. Unsurprisingly, Dorian enjoys a little bloodplay every now and then and who better to comply than Vanessa? Watching such a hedonistic act was absolutely beautiful, stunning and sexy. It was everything that Dorian Gray represents and it was everything that the demon that lives in Vanessa feeds on. Once again, they teased us with Dorian going to look at his portrait, but they still haven't given up the goods. Will we see it this season? I'm thinking not; especially since his character remains a mystery to those unlucky souls who are not familiar with Oscar Wilde.

Oh and our poor, tortured Ms. Ives. Dorian really allowed her, and her demon, to let loose. What will the implications be for her future and will we ever really know the true Vanessa Ives?

You're welcome.
You're welcome.

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