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Skylar Kitt Rivers

It was a cloudy day in District 12, everybody was getting ready for the choosing ceremony for the Hunger Games.Katniss was a small town girl, she was ordinary.She lived with her sister Prim and her mother in a small house in district 12. She had a friend who's a boy named Rue and they were boyfriend and girlfriend.Anyways,one day Katniss and Rue went out to hunt on the day of the ceremony and the killed deer and stuff and went back home to get ready to go to the ceremony.Katniss and her sister Prim went of to the ceremony and Prim got chosen.Katniss knew Prim wouldn't stand a chance in the hunger games so Katniss volunteered as tribute to save Prim. The boy that was chosen was a guy name Peta. He was an average daily baker before he was chosen.After the choosing ceremony they went of to the Capital to get started on training and afterwards head off to the Hunger Games arena.So after training they went to the transporter and was in the game. It took a lot of survival skills.So when the sound went off everybody ran to the center of the arena and grabbed everything they needed to survive. Katniss met this girl.She took her in and protected her. Then unexpectedly she was shot and died.Katniss put flowers around her in memory of her bravery.Katniss went off and survived and then she ran into Peta and they both survived together and killed all there enemies and then sense they knew there could only be one winner they both decided to kill each other and then the President decided there would be two winners,so Katniss and Peta won the Hunger Games. The End :D

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