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So, I've heard a lot of debates over the past few days, weeks, months, about whether or not the X-Men should go to Marvel, rather than stay at Fox. Now, this isn't a researched paper on the economic choices or the political sway that X-Men holds among Fox and Marvel, so if that's what you're looking for keep looking. It's also not meant to be the battle grounds for people with hateful words and comments, if you want to yell and call some one names because of their opinions, get into actual politics. This is just my opinion, and I want to hear yours, if you put it tastefully.

First let me start off by saying I love Marvel. I could talk about Marvel for hours. I think they do great things with the hands they've been dealt, especially when it comes to the Avengers. (Still waiting for Budapest). They have Joss Whedon on their side, and anyone with such a geek god directing their movies is bound to succeed. Winter Soldier was incredible, the pictures we're getting for Avengers 2 makes me salivate, and Guardians of the Galaxy previews makes me giddy. They're going to do great things.

But I also love Fox. Yes, some of the X-Men movies have been disappointments (Origins and X3 comes to mind) but they've pretty much owned up to the fact those movies were terrible. (Side note, as of yet haven't seen Days of Future Past, but I'm getting there. Bear with me, I'm poor) And from what I've heard Days of Future Past has pretty much erased X3 from ever happening. I am perfectly OK with this, as the movie shouldn't have existed in the first place! Now they have a whole new present to mine from, and mine they shall with news of Deadpool perhaps resurfacing as a character in the X-Men if not starring in his own major film.

Which is where the arguments begin. Because how dare Fox "erase" some of their movies? How dare they try to start over again? They should just give back the X-Men, and while they're at it the Fantastic Four, to Marvel and call it done.

Doesn't that sound ridiculous though? I mean, Sony effectively started over again with the Amazing Spiderman, and they're not being yelled at for ruining that comic book franchise. Does anyone remember the trilogy that started off great and then kind of plateaued into a state of "Meh?" Anyone else just watch the third movie in that trilogy, not because they wanted too, but because they had some sense of loyalty to the comic book company that made up their childhood? If Sony can start over, why not let Fox? Because Fox is doing it so you know that part has been gone and thrown out? Because Fox is publicly claiming they made a few mistakes and wish to undo them in a way that makes some sense?

Perhaps Marvel could do some great things with the X-Men, I'm sure Joss Whedon is on his knees begging to be able to play with such great characters as Wolverine and Deadpool, but could they? When Marvel is so closely tied to Disney? Fox is able to put out a rated R movie that centers around a Merc with a Mouth, while Marvel really can't play with a sarcastic dark character like that. Aren't they already pushing Disney boundaries with a recovering party boy by name of Stark? Or by having Banner admit to committing suicide, or trying to anyway? If Fox gave Marvel back their characters, the X-Men would take a back burner to anticipated movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers 2, Ant-Man, and Captain America 3.

After all, Marvel is just one company, and while they're working with Disney, Disney also has their plates full too with bringing Star Wars back into the modern world of pop culture as well as continuing with animation films for young kids. Fox has the resources and time to dedicate to keeping the loveable mutants in cinematic movies. Sure, there isn't a new X-Men movie out every other month, but there's always going to be another one in production. Wouldn't you rather get pictures of Ryan Reynolds on set, than have some man in a suit talk about how they're going to start filming the next X-Men movie in two years? Wouldn't you rather get a small clip of Hugh Jackman being awesome, than to wait three years for a trailer?

So, I suggest we all just band together as Marvel Geeks and be grateful for what we do have. Which is:

  • Marvel Studios putting out Avenger movies like they're candy on Halloween, and also bringing in Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • Sony making Spiderman once more a loveable character that everyone can enjoy and not just out of a sense of loyalty.
  • Fox owning some dark characters that they can roll with, and are talking about rolling with, which allows Marvel Studios to focus on making the Avengers franchise awesome.
  • Those little clips at the end of the movies that keeps us viewers wondering what will happen next. Which is always the best part of any theater viewing.

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