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I think we can all agree that the horror movie genre is full of overused clichés that we've seen a billion times, and here they are, my list of horror movie clichés.

Cheap jump scares:

These are in pretty much every horror, slasher, you name it...anything that attempts to scare you has at least one jump scare.

When will film makers learn that they just don't work; they often make you flinch a little, but no one appreciates them, they're old and overused, I think subtlety is way more creepy, let the story be more disturbing or intriguing, don't just constantly show sudden 'scary' faces.

You've seen this girl before...
You've seen this girl before...

The car won't start:

Although this isn't unique to the horror film genre, any time there is someone who is trying to get away in their car, usually in a time sensitive scenario it almost always never works the first time they try, either they just manage to get away, or they end up being caught and turned into a human skin coat.

Dumb asses:

I swear everyone in horror movies are complete idiots, maybe that's a little harsh; their decisions are idiotic.

While running away from a guy with a chainsaw, which one of the following would a typical moron would do while fleeing:

  • run to their car(which might not start)
  • run into a dark forest
  • attempt to obtain a weapon
  • hide somewhere e.g. under the bed where they will inevitably get caught

The answer: which ever one is most stupid under particular circumstances.

Sex gets you killed:

Any time you see a teenage couple getting it on, you know what's, that's not what I meant, dirty minded; I mean they get brutally slaughtered.


Any time someone is running away they always trip over...the floor?

Seriously, can these people not maintain balance on a flat surface... and sometimes they don't even get up when they fall over, they craw around like they forgot how to run.

Hand on shoulder:

Whenever somebody is investigating a dark room or isolated area because they "heard a noise", the music gets more and more suspenseful, we then see a hand slowly approach the persons shoulder from behind's their friend.

OK first of all, what the hell are they doing there, is it just a miraculous coincident?

And is that how they get somebody's attention, by silently creeping up on them and scaring the s*** out of, what a d***.

Anyway, they don't scare us because we see them a mile away, think of something different to create suspense.

Thanks for reading my post, much appreciated.

Agree with me or not, comment below and let me know what clichés you always see in horror flicks.


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